Pope Francis

March 15, 2013 Lower School Middle School High School

Message from the Formation Director

Dear Parents and Friends,

Everest family is joyfully welcoming our new Pope, Francis the 1st, Cardinal Bergoglio, the 266th Successor of St. Peter.

Yesterday, all day long at school the talk was about our new Pope: How did you find out? What do you know about him? What will he do next? We all shared our joy in a thanksgiving mass.

Our new Pope Francis is the first of many:

First South American, first Jesuit, and first to take the name of Francis.

Soon he will let us know about his hopes and desires for the Church, but he has already given us some hints.

Humility seems to be the first key he gave us while bowing asking the people to pray for him and ask for God’s blessing, holding the crowd that rallied at St. Peter’s square in a silent and deep prayer.

Evangelization will most likely be one of his other priorities, as his name Francis can make us understand. Francis, for a Jesuit, speaks of St. Francis Xavier, the great evangelizer of our Asian continent! The Pope recalled in his first message the universality of the Church: “Let us pray for the world, so that a great brotherhood may be created”.

Spiritual renewal of the Church, as he has already shown through his own example, by embracing poverty selling his car and using public transportations. Francis for the all Church reminds us of the “Poverello”, Francis of Asisis, who was asked by Christ to rebuild the Church.

And why not, a little bit of humor in our modern world sometimes very caught up in its worries, as he showed when he underline that “It seems as though my brother cardinals went almost to the end of the world to get (the bishop of Rome)”.

He will certainly let us know more about himself, about his desire and expectations for the Church in the next days to come. You can follow all his activities and speeches in the Vatican web page: http://www.vatican.va or in the Zenit news agency http://www.zenit.org

Let’s discover him and follow him in faith as the Vicar of Christ.

With my prayers always,
Amelie Perroy
Formation Director