Intellectual Formation

February 15, 2013 Lower School Middle School High School

Message from the Middle School Dean

Dear Parents and Friends,

Intellectual  Formation is one of the pillars of Integral Formation.  All formations (human, spiritual, and apostolic) are for the enrichment of Intellectual Formation.  The aim is to form the intellect, focusing on the students' ability to develop higher order thinking skills.  It is in this pillar that Everest Academy strives to always aim higher (Semper Altius).

Open Classes started in  Lower School this week.  It was an opportunity for parents to witness the learning that is taking place every day in school and how each child is being formed intellectually, not just to memorize facts but to think critically. Forming the students to think critically during the lower years is an important process of intellectual formation.

In Middle School, one of the components of Everest Academy’s academic progam that we are pursuing more fervently this year is to involve the students in academic competitions, whether in school or outside school. Academic competition is an important tool for the students’ intellectual development and learning process.  As the students enjoy the games in the classroom, it’s  a great way to boost their confidence individually and in teams.  It is also a way of preparing the children for their career preference in life as they discover their gifts by being exposed to various types of competitions.

As I have been observing classes , I see how the students are applying their prior and present knowledge,  as their teachers create activities that provide healthy competitions in the classroom.  One such activity is the Harkness method.  It is amazing how the students are discussing, analyzing, expressing themselves in a respectful and fair manner. They listen to each other’s ideas, give their opinion, listen again, exchange ideas and summarize the day’s discussion. Delivering speeches in their various classes is also a healthy way of competing with one another as the students learn from each other and make their speeches better the next time they are asked to do it again.

During  the recently concluded MTAP  Area  Finals, Everest Academy ranked 5th among 16 schools in the very first academic competition that the school participated in. This is a great indicator of the students’ readiness to compete in the different types of competition nationally and soon, even internationally.

The academic competitions that Everest Academy will take part of in the future will harness the students’ skills and abilities that are needed in life as a whole. It will prepare them for life’s challenges and be their best. It will also help shape their future in a way that will bring out the best in them.

Sincerely yours in Christ,
Margarethe T. Henson
Middle School Dean